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Friday Hot Dish- 10/15

Hope you saved room, because here’s the


1. This week was the World Food Prize, an annual celebration of those who have made contributions to end world hunger.  The event was started by Dr. Norman Borlaug, a native son born, raised, and educated in Flyover country.  He’s also a Nobel prize winner who is credited with saving more lives than anyone in history.   That’s one hell of an accomplishment.  Spend a couple minutes reading about the past recipients of the honor….it’s an inspiring group: World Food Prize Laureates

All set up for the World Food Prize

2. I don’t have children (yet.) (No, that’s not a hint.) But I  have a slew of nieces and nephews with some food “issues”.  Too be fair, I used to cry when my mom made corned beef.  And my older sister used to shun all mom’s dinners in favor of sandwiches of white bread and ham and cheese loaf. (I know. Shudder).  Check out this awesome slide show of parents succumbing to kids’ tastes.  I’m am so making that ostrich egg.  Give ‘Em What They Want

3. So other than election results, what else is happening on November 2nd?  The return of the elusive cult favorite, the McRib.  I think the Handsome Husband already has it marked on his calendar.  McRib returns And yes,  there are people who hunt the elusive McRib down, trying to locate it in its natural habitat.  I think I may be married to one of them….McRib Hunters

4. New HOT DISH feature: There is so much food literature out there.  From books on eating well to collections of personal essays on food, to behind the scenes stories from some of America’s top restaurants.  So each week, I’ll link to a new food book for you to check out.

I’ll start with one I’ve actually read.   The bestseller Heat by Bill Buford is all about Mario Batali’s rise to fame, the kitchen at famed restaurant Babbo, and learning the art of butchering.  The stories of Batali’s appetite and energy are almost exhausting to read, but the full access he gave to the author makes it an amazing story.  The butchering Check it out here: Heat

Hope I peaked your appetites looking ahead to this gorgeous fall weekend.   More next week including our FINAL 30 before 30 recipe post.

xoxo Flyover Foodie