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Friday Hot Dish- 8/20

Welcome to the Friday HOT DISH!

1.Today is the kickoff to 2010 Restaurant Week in Des Moines.  The event gets bigger each year, this year it includes more than 25 restaurants.   The prix fixe lunches are 2/$25 and dinners are only $25 a person.  Can’t beat that!  Check out all the appetite piquing menus HERE.

2. So this may be hit or miss depending your geography, but Jamba Juice has smoothies and coffee for $1 today.  There are a few locations here and there in Flyover Country, see if you have one close here.  Maybe a mid afternoon pick-me-up is in order?

3. Speaking of restaurant week….here’s a GREAT list of favorite “homestyle” restaurants all over Flyover Country.  Midwest Living magazine found great stops in states all over the Midwest.  Check out the favorites in your neck of the woods!   The Plainsmen Steakhouse and Lounge sounds Awe.Some.  Favorite Downhome Restaurants

4. I can’t help myself.  Does anyone else find this ridiculous/annoying!?  I thought she ate raw food.  (shaking head) Gwyneth Paltrow writes a cookbook

5. Tonight is a special, special night.  Though my posts are lagging behind, I told you I would meet my deadine.  Pop the champagne and que the langostines….HOT DISH! Someone is turning 30!

More celebration, recipes, butter, and posts to come.  Happy Weekend!

xoxo Flyover Foodie

p.s. A homework assignment for all of you: I’m going to need a list to cook through next.  Start brainstorming….this is going to take some creativity.

Something new…tomorrow!

Tomorrow I have a new feature, inspired by casserole, to unveil!  It will be a fun hodge-podge of flyover items to keep you going through the weekend.  A proverbial smorgosboard of virtual delights.

A Verietable Smorgasbord of Foodie Delights

And yes, you read that right: inspired by casserole.

See you back here tomorrow!

xoxo Flyover Foodie