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Friday Hot Dish-8/27

Welcome to the Friday Hot Dish!!

Some delicious tidbits for Friday, August 27th.  Enjoy, but don’t fill up before the weekend!

1. Yes, the State Fair just keeps on going.  This week, hit up the Minnesota State Fair for all of your perennial fair favorites.  On Tuesday, the annual Minnesota Cooks event takes place, pairing local farms and ingredients with local chefs to create some amazing dishes.  Check out the details on that event here: MN Cooks and more state fair info here: MN State Fair.

Bonus: A favorite Flyover band is playing tonight!!

2. Stumbled across this article combining two of my favorite things: eating and movies.  This awesome list from Saveur talks about some of the most memorable food scenes from movies: 21 Great Film Recipes.  Suddenly ratatouille sounds better than buttered popcorn.  Hmmm….maybe an idea for my next list?!?

3. Have you ever dreamed of opening your own restaurant/bakery/bar?  Do you already have a name picked out for it?  This Chicago Tribune article discusses the importance of naming your restaurant. Even better is this 2nd article pointing out the worst restaurant names in the country.  I’ll admit it: I thought it was called “Ruth’s Crisp Steakhouse” for a long time.   I mean, that makes more sense, right!?  Worst Restaurant Names

4. Speaking of weird restaurant names, this weekend is the grand opening of European Restaurant Accordion in Des Moines.  No, that whole thing is its name: “European Restaurant Accordion”.  Nothing like slapping a couple words together and serving up dinner.  Although it comes with an UNFORESEEN BONUS: if you are of European descent, you get a free beer!  European Restaurant Accordion

My super German name now = free drinks!  Wunderbar!

Also, I just learned how to spell “accordion”.

I think you can in Europe

5. A quick observation: 1/2 a  billion eggs are being recalled nationwide.  And there have been articles  about the rising cost of bacon.  YET– this week’s ad for our local grocery store featured a dozen eggs for .99 and bacon at 2/$5.00.

That’s what happens when you live in Flyover Country…good food all around you!!

Friday Hot Dish- 8/20

Welcome to the Friday HOT DISH!

1.Today is the kickoff to 2010 Restaurant Week in Des Moines.  The event gets bigger each year, this year it includes more than 25 restaurants.   The prix fixe lunches are 2/$25 and dinners are only $25 a person.  Can’t beat that!  Check out all the appetite piquing menus HERE.

2. So this may be hit or miss depending your geography, but Jamba Juice has smoothies and coffee for $1 today.  There are a few locations here and there in Flyover Country, see if you have one close here.  Maybe a mid afternoon pick-me-up is in order?

3. Speaking of restaurant week….here’s a GREAT list of favorite “homestyle” restaurants all over Flyover Country.  Midwest Living magazine found great stops in states all over the Midwest.  Check out the favorites in your neck of the woods!   The Plainsmen Steakhouse and Lounge sounds Awe.Some.  Favorite Downhome Restaurants

4. I can’t help myself.  Does anyone else find this ridiculous/annoying!?  I thought she ate raw food.  (shaking head) Gwyneth Paltrow writes a cookbook

5. Tonight is a special, special night.  Though my posts are lagging behind, I told you I would meet my deadine.  Pop the champagne and que the langostines….HOT DISH! Someone is turning 30!

More celebration, recipes, butter, and posts to come.  Happy Weekend!

xoxo Flyover Foodie

p.s. A homework assignment for all of you: I’m going to need a list to cook through next.  Start brainstorming….this is going to take some creativity.

A Surprise over Breakfast

As I was eating breakfast at my desk this morning, I got a text from a friend saying “Love the article in the ‘Iowalife’ section today!”.  I grabbed the copy of the paper I had just picked up from the doorway of our office and pulled out Section E.

And there I was!  My column from DM Juice and Metromix was above the fold in this morning’s Des Moines Register Iowalife section.  An exciting day to say the least!!

Oysters on the half shell at Waterfront.

Thanks to the good folks at the Des Moines Register for supporting one local hungry blogger! Check out the article here:

Flyover Foodie’s Favs

What a great way to start the week!  xoxo Flyover Foodie

p.s. Watch for a post later tonight about the return of “Mad Men” and the drinks that fuel Madison Avenue!

All Press is Food Press

Look at that title….I’m getting seriously good with puns.

So fun news here in Flyover country…I’ve been published!  A big “thank you” to the good folks over at Metromix for letting me write a short column about, what else, eating.  It was an exciting morning as I got to see myself in “print” for the first time.

The world is my oyster on the half shell.

Check out the article here on Metromix: Flyover Foodie’s Favs

I was 2nd in their new series where local foodies talk about their favorite local “craving” spots.  While you’re on their site, check out some of the other great food and drink articles.  Plus, they have tons of lists for local restaurants.   And you know I LOVE a good list.

xoxo The Flyover Foodie

p.s. Special thanks to Joe Lawler for the article and Eric Rowley for joining me for a delicious oyster lunch/photoshoot!