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More Flyover Love

“There’s no place like home.” – Dorothy

So a couple months ago I posted about how pleased I was that the show “No Reservations” was featuring both a French bistro in Des Moines, as well as a tiny, remarkable meat locker in Jewel, Iowa.

But it was not to be. To the cutting room floor.

Anthony Bourdain, I think you’re great.  But seriously, editing out Iowa and keeping Texas in your “Heartland” episode.  That I cannot overlook.  Everyone knows Texas is not the Midwest; Texas is Texas.  (shakes head)

BUT- like so many things in life, food television karma is cyclical.

TONITE: Man vs. Food airs an episode set smack in the middle of Flyover Country.  And something tells me that Adam Richman will have an appreciation for local flavor that Bourdain obviously did not. Tune in tonight on the Travel Channel. Check out the full article here: Man vs. Food

Back tomorrow with reviews and a nostalgic French recipe.  Until then…

xoxo Flyover Foodie

A little flyover fame

“Context and memory play powerful roles in all the truly great meals of one’s life” – Anthony Bourdain, chef and tv host of “No Reservations”

You know it and I know it: flyover country is full of great food and talented chefs and artisans.  And now, fans of Anthony Bourdain’s fantastic show “No Reservations” will know it too.  Tonight’s episode will feature two great flyover food spots: the french restaurant Bistro Montage in Des Moines and the local Stanhope Meat Locker in Stanhope, Iowa.

Check out the details on the Travel Channel’s site here:  No Reservations

My foodie sources tell me that Clint Eastwood tasted the jerky made in Stanhope while he was in Iowa filming “The Bridges of Madison County”.  Now, a decade plus after his fleeting romance with Meryl Streep, his love affair with the jerk continues: they still ship to him today!

Hope you can tune in tonight: 9 pm flyover time.

p.s. Here is more info on Bistro Montage and more info on the Stanhope Meat Locker, under the “Businesses” section.

UPDATE:  After watching “No Reservations” I have a few concerns:

1. Am I the only one who doesn’t think that Texas is part of the “Heartland”? Texas is Texas.   Period.

2. I’m pretty sure both Bistro Montage and the Stanhope Meat Locker hit the cutting room floor, which is too bad.   But, I’m ready to take a road trip and let all you readers know how great these places really are.

3. I’m making reservations at this place immediately. On the show they talked about a dish served with pine cone syrup. I literally shouted “PINE CONE SYRUP!!!???”. A-mazing. I am beyond intrigued. (Any of you intrepid eaters know anything about it?)

All in all, you get a C from me Mr. Bourdain.  Come back to flyover country and do another round…we deserve it.