Flyover Household

This is me: the Flyover Foodie.   I like food, cooking, talking about food, and eating.  When I was little, I was the child who wanted to help my mom shop for groceries.  I love french toast, mangoes, and anything with a fried egg on top.   If there is something on a menu I’ve never eaten, I’m ordering it.  I’m a midwestern girl with a big appetite and (thank god) a high metabolism.

This is me. Eating. As usual.

This is the Handsome Husband.  He is the official flyover taste tester and takes the photos when my hands are covered in dough/sauce/meat.  He likes grilled meats.  He would like to live in a city where the streets are paved with cheese.

The Handsome Husband

This is our house.  It is one of the reasons we live in a small town.  One of the reasons we love to host.  One of the reasons we’re looking for someone who fixes chimneys…..

The Flyover Homestead

If you’re in the neighborhood, shoot me an email….we’ll put a drink in your hand and feed you.  Honestly!

This is our flyover pup.  She used to enjoy leaping onto the kitchen counter, a hobby which put my food preparations in serious peril.  We finally got her to knock it off.  She likes rawhides, butter and ice cubes. And kleenex.

The Flyover Pup, Scout

3 responses to “Flyover Household

  1. What a beautiful house! It looks so peaceful. Makes me think I could actually live in a small town!

    I’d love to see some of your favorite projects (along with updates on your ambitious recipe list). Love this blog! 🙂

  2. McHumphles the First

    I like the flyover pup, Scout. I wonder if this pup has enjoyed the benefits of cooking with REAL butter?!?!

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