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Friday’s Hot Dish

Welcome and Happy Friday!

Quick back story: A friend and fellow blogger and I were discussing the term “hot dish” as I mentioned in another post on this blog. We decided that “hot dish” should be incorporated more  into everyday vernacular as a term for something awesome.  It also works for something exciting and newsworthy.   Or as an exclamation.

See if you can use it in a sentence today.  For example:  “Hot dish!  Someone brought bagels for the office.”  or even, “The formulas on this excel spreadsheet are a hot dish.” (ok, that one might just be me)  See?  So easy.

So crack the champagne and break out the langostines: this is the inaugural edition of the Friday Hot Dish full of food news and fun from around flyover country!!!  A big filling mix of all the food groups.  Enjoy!

1. It’s sweet corn season! Everyone is busy boiling and grilling ears and basting with butter.  Mmmmm.  But what about after the meal?  Check out this article from The Tasting Table all about dessert recipes using our favorite ingredient from God’s Country: Sweet Corn Desserts

2. Only two weeks until I can eat the Octo-dog! Check out the 2010 New State Fair Food Then, a few weeks later, head north and devour a corned dog pizza: Minnesota State Fair.

True story: my little sister made Octo-dogs (unfried) once when we were home from college.  I don’t remember how she did it, but I’m pretty sure the octo had a smiley face.

3. If you’re local, spend a few minutes day dreaming before lunch today about your favorite yummy hot spots.  Then channel your inner Food Network host and share The Best Thing You Ever Ate, local style.  Enter the contest here.

4. The people in South Dakota know how to let loose!  Make a weekend trip to enjoy Clarke Potato Day in Clark, South Dakota.  In their own words, “the highlight of the celebration involves grown adults wrestling each other in mashed potatoes!”  Glorious.  I love living in a part of the county where carbs are still reason to celebrate.  Clark Potato Day

5. Did you watch the “Jersey Shore” premier last night?  For shame.  Atone by spending  a day immersed in Italian Heritage.  The Festival runs today through Sunday and has been completely revamped.  Italian American Heritage Festival

6. So this isn’t food news per se, but it’s hilarious and I laugh every time.  And, yes, you can bake me a gourmet cake in the kitchen you made for me with your own hands.  Hello, Ladies.

HOT DISH, its the weekend!

xoxo Flyover Foodie

Something new…tomorrow!

Tomorrow I have a new feature, inspired by casserole, to unveil!  It will be a fun hodge-podge of flyover items to keep you going through the weekend.  A proverbial smorgosboard of virtual delights.

A Verietable Smorgasbord of Foodie Delights

And yes, you read that right: inspired by casserole.

See you back here tomorrow!

xoxo Flyover Foodie

A little flyover fame

“Context and memory play powerful roles in all the truly great meals of one’s life” – Anthony Bourdain, chef and tv host of “No Reservations”

You know it and I know it: flyover country is full of great food and talented chefs and artisans.  And now, fans of Anthony Bourdain’s fantastic show “No Reservations” will know it too.  Tonight’s episode will feature two great flyover food spots: the french restaurant Bistro Montage in Des Moines and the local Stanhope Meat Locker in Stanhope, Iowa.

Check out the details on the Travel Channel’s site here:  No Reservations

My foodie sources tell me that Clint Eastwood tasted the jerky made in Stanhope while he was in Iowa filming “The Bridges of Madison County”.  Now, a decade plus after his fleeting romance with Meryl Streep, his love affair with the jerk continues: they still ship to him today!

Hope you can tune in tonight: 9 pm flyover time.

p.s. Here is more info on Bistro Montage and more info on the Stanhope Meat Locker, under the “Businesses” section.

UPDATE:  After watching “No Reservations” I have a few concerns:

1. Am I the only one who doesn’t think that Texas is part of the “Heartland”? Texas is Texas.   Period.

2. I’m pretty sure both Bistro Montage and the Stanhope Meat Locker hit the cutting room floor, which is too bad.   But, I’m ready to take a road trip and let all you readers know how great these places really are.

3. I’m making reservations at this place immediately. On the show they talked about a dish served with pine cone syrup. I literally shouted “PINE CONE SYRUP!!!???”. A-mazing. I am beyond intrigued. (Any of you intrepid eaters know anything about it?)

All in all, you get a C from me Mr. Bourdain.  Come back to flyover country and do another round…we deserve it.

An Appetizer of Sorts

I said, “Do you speak-a my language?”  He just smiled and gave me a Vegemite sandwich. – Men At Work, “Land Down Under”**

It’s been weeks.  A month, even.  And I have been cooking and eating and crossing things off lists.  And yet….nothing for you.  Not even the proverbial crust of bread.  So…I have a short and, hopefully, entertaining list of some of the things I’ve been up to.  Accompanied by some illustrative photos.

The goal of this little exercise is obviously to pique your appetites for more.  (Already a pun!  Yes!)  Basically it’s my ploy to get you to come back for more when I finally have the next series of posts ready to go. So a few little blog canapes…a little crudite….a chip and dip serving of thoughts:

1. If you eat smoked cheese and drink lite beer, both taste vaguely like root beer.  Credit goes to one of last weekend’s house guests for noticing this phenomenon.  Also, I love that at my home you will be served a cheap domestic beer and fancy smoked Gruyere at the same time.  Excellent.

2. When making a sour dough starter, do not seal the lid.   It will explode and terrify your household.

3. It is possible to eat an entire souffle in a single sitting.

4. It is also possible to lose part of your groceries.  Our house is currently trying to solve “The Mystery of the Disappearing Chicken Thighs”.  Not in the fridge, not in either freezer… Coq au Vin was on the agenda for this week, but

After a year in the freezer...delicious!

seriously…where did that chicken go!?!  Does this happen in your house?

5. Wedding cake can be delicious after a full year in the freezer.  (Love you, Husband!)  Also, aforementioned wedding cake is delicious with coffee.  For breakfast.

6. To make a simple and fancy looking summer drink: freeze raspberries in an ice cube tray.  Mix these fancy ice cubes with a few regular cubes, add vodka, and lemonade.  As the ice melts you get a lovely raspberry hint in the lemonade.  Ahhh…summer in a glass!

So there you go. A little spread complete with souffle, cake, explosions, and beer to get you ready for the main course.

Up next: a blow by blow account of Chicago style pizza recreated outside of its urban home.  How will it adapt to its rural surroundings?!  Will it panic at the sight of my small town oven? Check back to find out.

More soon…thanks for sticking with me!  xoxo Flyover Foodie

** I woke up this morning with “Land Down Under” in my head.  No idea where that came from…but its easy to sing in the shower.

Mysteriously Silent

“The poets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese.” – writer G.K. Chesterton

I know, I know…I’ve been absent!  Derelict in my duties.  Shirking my responsibilities.

But do not worry fellow flyover residents, I haven’t flown off for good.  Sadly the gods of adulthood demand that I put in hours at work and even occasionally <GASP> outside of work hours.  In short, a big project has overtaken my free time, but I shall return.

Hang in there....almost done....

And yes….I have been cooking in the meantime.

Thanks for sticking with me.  You will soon be rewarded with glossy photos…and pizza and casseroles!  And bread and movies…yes, movies!!  And langostines…remember them?!  Ok, maybe not langostines, but you’re intrigued.  Aren’t you?

More soon…I miss you!

xo Flyover Foodie