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Friday Hot Dish- 9/3

Welcome to the Friday HOT DISH!

This week we are quietly lamenting the unofficial end of summer: Labor Day.  Make the most of this 3 day weekend, so we’ll keep it quick with this week’s HOT DISH!  Enjoy!

1. Yes, summer is over.  Don’t try argue with me about autumn not starting until September 21st. (For you non-nerds, that’s the autumnal equinox.)  It’s officially fall.  You know how I know??  Because I can get Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks!  Pumpkin Spice Latte

2. I stumbled across this an article about an awesome food blog from here in Flyover county. “Lost Recipes Found” is hunting down and recreating vintage recipes from favorite Midwestern restaurants and cookbooks.  All the Marshall Field’s recipes are particularly bittersweet.  (You know what you did, Macys!!)  She is currently researching State Fair blue ribbon winning recipes of the past for her August issue.    I just hope she skips the Jell-O salads…..Lost Recipes Found

3. As your scarfing down the last of the summer ice cream/sorbet/drumsticks/popsicles/gelato/bomb pops you’ll no doubt encounter the temporary yet painful brain freeze.  Like all weird phenomena…there is an scientific explanation.  Brain Freeze

4. When turning 30, one can’t help but consider the physical damage caused during the poor judgment of youth:  fake tanning, high school athletics, not wearing sunscreen, and, well, all four years of college.  I feel like I can at least check one thing off the list.  This might be the best news we’ve gotten in awhile.  Drinkers Live Longer.

Now you can happily enjoy a few more beers in the sun this last week of summer!

I know.  You’re welcome.

xoxo Flyover Foodie

Friday Hot Dish-8/27

Welcome to the Friday Hot Dish!!

Some delicious tidbits for Friday, August 27th.  Enjoy, but don’t fill up before the weekend!

1. Yes, the State Fair just keeps on going.  This week, hit up the Minnesota State Fair for all of your perennial fair favorites.  On Tuesday, the annual Minnesota Cooks event takes place, pairing local farms and ingredients with local chefs to create some amazing dishes.  Check out the details on that event here: MN Cooks and more state fair info here: MN State Fair.

Bonus: A favorite Flyover band is playing tonight!!

2. Stumbled across this article combining two of my favorite things: eating and movies.  This awesome list from Saveur talks about some of the most memorable food scenes from movies: 21 Great Film Recipes.  Suddenly ratatouille sounds better than buttered popcorn.  Hmmm….maybe an idea for my next list?!?

3. Have you ever dreamed of opening your own restaurant/bakery/bar?  Do you already have a name picked out for it?  This Chicago Tribune article discusses the importance of naming your restaurant. Even better is this 2nd article pointing out the worst restaurant names in the country.  I’ll admit it: I thought it was called “Ruth’s Crisp Steakhouse” for a long time.   I mean, that makes more sense, right!?  Worst Restaurant Names

4. Speaking of weird restaurant names, this weekend is the grand opening of European Restaurant Accordion in Des Moines.  No, that whole thing is its name: “European Restaurant Accordion”.  Nothing like slapping a couple words together and serving up dinner.  Although it comes with an UNFORESEEN BONUS: if you are of European descent, you get a free beer!  European Restaurant Accordion

My super German name now = free drinks!  Wunderbar!

Also, I just learned how to spell “accordion”.

I think you can in Europe

5. A quick observation: 1/2 a  billion eggs are being recalled nationwide.  And there have been articles  about the rising cost of bacon.  YET– this week’s ad for our local grocery store featured a dozen eggs for .99 and bacon at 2/$5.00.

That’s what happens when you live in Flyover Country…good food all around you!!

Friday Hot Dish- 8/20

Welcome to the Friday HOT DISH!

1.Today is the kickoff to 2010 Restaurant Week in Des Moines.  The event gets bigger each year, this year it includes more than 25 restaurants.   The prix fixe lunches are 2/$25 and dinners are only $25 a person.  Can’t beat that!  Check out all the appetite piquing menus HERE.

2. So this may be hit or miss depending your geography, but Jamba Juice has smoothies and coffee for $1 today.  There are a few locations here and there in Flyover Country, see if you have one close here.  Maybe a mid afternoon pick-me-up is in order?

3. Speaking of restaurant week….here’s a GREAT list of favorite “homestyle” restaurants all over Flyover Country.  Midwest Living magazine found great stops in states all over the Midwest.  Check out the favorites in your neck of the woods!   The Plainsmen Steakhouse and Lounge sounds Awe.Some.  Favorite Downhome Restaurants

4. I can’t help myself.  Does anyone else find this ridiculous/annoying!?  I thought she ate raw food.  (shaking head) Gwyneth Paltrow writes a cookbook

5. Tonight is a special, special night.  Though my posts are lagging behind, I told you I would meet my deadine.  Pop the champagne and que the langostines….HOT DISH! Someone is turning 30!

More celebration, recipes, butter, and posts to come.  Happy Weekend!

xoxo Flyover Foodie

p.s. A homework assignment for all of you: I’m going to need a list to cook through next.  Start brainstorming….this is going to take some creativity.

Friday (the 13th!) Hot Dish

And here we are already: Friday!  Grab that embarrassing personal fan, the heat index is 110°…it’s time for the Friday HOT DISH!

1. It’s officially here: The Iowa State Fair and all its deep fried, lemonade shaken, on-a-stick glory. It even earned a spot in 1,000 Things to See Before You Die! After you conquer that Octodog, make a note on your calendar, do some research on TripAdvisor, and make the pilgrimage to one of these crazy food-centric events.

Um, How did I NOT know about the Cheese Curd Festival!?!  World’s Weirdest Food Festivals

2. Are you eating your lunch?  No?  Ok.  Then you can read the rest of this story.  Apparently there was a big fuss on YouTube over a video of a chef um, licking a toad.  Sounds like a “Jackass” skit, except, oooppppss:  He was in the kitchen…of a restaurant.  (insert gagging here)  The Health Department didn’t think it was too funny.  Read the story here.  Chef in Hot Water

3. It’s sort of a running joke in flyover country that if you plant zucchini in your garden, you’ll be sick of the stuff come late summer.  I remember my mom bringing home bags of it from overwhelmed coworkers. We, sadly,  don’t have this problem as our garden has yielded plenty of tomatoes but approximately ONE squash.  Anyway….here is a list of zucchini uses to make use of a bumper crop, some are really clever.  Zucchini carpaccio anyone?  An Overabundance

4. I love trivia.  Stumbled across this Foodie Quiz archived over at the Chicago Tribune.  See how you measure up and take the quiz here.   I bet you’ll be surprised by how much you know!

Sidenote: any of you intrepid eaters ever tried sweetbreads?  They’re ALWAYS on “Iron Chef America” and I’ve been intrigued for years. Anyone?

5. On a serious note, please keep us in Flyover Country in your thoughts….and pray for a sunny end to the summer!  No More Rain

Happy Friday!

xoxo Flyover Foodie

p.s. I’ve had a few of you ask if I’m on track to finish the list.  YES- I AM ON SCHEDULE!!  While next week may be rather decadent eating in the Flyover house, I am on schedule to get through all 30 dishes!  I apologize for the lag time between cooking/posting about a dish, but it will be a busy week here next week.

On deck: Tiramisu, Red Velvet Cake, Coq au Vin, Crown Roast, and homemade pasta with Bolognese ragu.  Mmmmm….get ready for it!

Friday Hot Dish 8/6

Welcome to the 2nd edition of our new favorite feature:

The Friday Hot Dish!

1. This may be redundant, since last week I was counting down to devouring a Octo-dog at the State Fair.   BUT the photos in this slide show literally made my stomach growl earlier this week.  Really…my boss even heard it!  Add an extra 15 minutes to today’s workout: you’re gonna need it. Festival Favorites

2. It’s official: the price of bacon is going up and up.  Yes, it is sweltering here in the Midwest, but I think it might be a Congressional conspiracy to get us to “eat better”.  And don’t even think about substituting turkey bacon in your recipes…it won’t work.  I’ve tried.  Price of Bacon Goes Up

3. ANOTHER new cooking competition show debuted last week: Fox’s new “Master Chef” hosted by Gordon Ramsey (who I love) puts chefs before a discerning panel of judges.  I haven’t watched the show yet…I already have enough food competition shows lined up on my dvr list. (Chopped, Top Chef, Iron Chef America!) But the real question is: which tv chef would you want to learn from?  10 TV Chefs

My pick: Alton Brown.  Love that guy!  Just keep Rachel Ray and her EVOO far from my zip code, thankyouverymuch.

4. Even though mustard is my nemesis, I will still give credit where it is due:  Tomorrow, head to Middleton, Wisconsin to the National Mustard Museum to celebrate National Mustard Day!! The museum has more than 5,000 kinds of mustard from around the globe.   I would recommend NOT wearing white…trust me on this one.   National Mustard Museum

5. I know, I know: we’re landlocked here in Flyover Country, but we’ve got our share of non-coastal beaches.  Check out this great article on the top Midwestern beaches before you plan your last few summer weekends.  Yes, I just wrote the phrase “Midwestern beaches”…..just go with it.  Labor Day road trip anyone?  Top Midwestern Beaches

6. This week cannot pass without me mentioning Shark Week.  I can’t quite figure out the appeal of spending a full week watching sharks attack mammals of various sizes, but it is addicting.  I’ve fully recovered from watching “Jaws” at a tender age (nice parenting, Dad!!) but this video might set me back a couple years.  Apparently, they jump:  South African Great Whites

Watch for a bonus weekend post, coming soon.  Happy Friday!!

xoxo Flyover Foodie