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Hot Dish: And you thought I was joking…..

“Pray, tell me: how does your asparagus perform?” – John Adams, in a letter to wife Abagail, concerning the state of her garden.

So asparagus is serious stuff:  Serious enough for our 2nd president to write home about.  And serious enough to warrant celebration.  I first wrote about Spargel and the corresponding Spargel Parties here, when making Hollandaise sauce.  (Wow…that was a year ago!)

Our own mini SPARGELFEST!

And now to my great delight, others can also take spargel seriously.   Midwestern cornerstone of German fare, the Black Forest Inn, is in the midst of hosting Spargelfest.  Check out this fantastic article from Heavy Table about the event. Black Forest Inn Spargelfest.  Thought you would all want to know that indeed, spargel fests do exist and they exist here in flyover county.

Want to host your own spargel party? (Hint: the answer is yes) There are tons of German recipes online…including this decadent platter.  Yum.

So all in all, I feel like I am doing my small part to help bring the joy of spargel to the masses. SPARGEL PARTY!!

Hope your week is off to a seriously good start.

xoxo Flyover Foodie

p.s. As always….more soon!

Viva la Bacon

“Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon.” – Doug Larson

This year the Handsome Husband and I got tickets to the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival.  The festival is in its fourth year and tickets to the event sold out in less than 30 minutes!!  We had never been before and didn’t know quite what to expect.  Here are a couple pics from the day….

Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival

Ohhhhh BACON!!

The rally cry of the day is  “ooooooHHHHH BACON!”.  It was sort of like  the group “PROST” at Oktoberfest except without the lederhosen.  Or the shared heritage.  And it was greasier.

blue ribbon bacon festival

The Bacon Explosion

The Bacon Explosion is ground Italian Sausage wrapped in a lattice-work of bacon.  It’s like the granddaddy of things-wrapped-in-bacon.

Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival

Bacon frying in a skillet....made of balloons

We ate the classic maple donuts with bacon sprinkled on top, bacon wrapped breadsticks, pork belly tacos, bacon sandwiches, and the best thing of the day: buffalo style bacon with deep fried ranch dressing.

Yes: deep friend ranch dressing.  God I love the Midwest.

The one weird twist was that the festival was sponsored in part by Beggin’ Strips.   As in the faux meat bacon scented dog treats.

Beggin' Strips

Beggin' Strips are NOT bacon. Critical distinction.

There was something really unsettling about seeing bags of the dog treats on tables everywhere as people were eating strips of real bacon.  I’m not sure bacon scented canine snacks should play a role in any food festival.

But the highlight of the day was when two parents and their baby, dressed as bacon, were on stage singing a song they wrote for the festival.  The dad was bouncing the little bacon strip around and Handsome Husband exclaims “Is that a real baby?!?!”  Deep fried ranch dressing was no biggie, but the little baby was just TOO much for him to handle.

So all in all, it was an indulgent pork adventure…..

bacon fest

See ya next year.

xoxo Flyover Foodie

p.s. There is a whole week of bacon themed activities surrounding Bacon Fest each year.  Follow @BRBaconFest on Twitter for fun stuff year round.  And if you want…you can follow me too (blushes) @flyoverfoodie

An interesting tip

“Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow they may make it illegal.”

You may have noticed that when I’m trying out a new dish, I like to read a handful of recipes from different sources.  I feel like this gives me sort of a “baseline” for a recipe.  In addition, when I’m looking at recipes on websites like Epicurious, I like to read the reviews that the bevy of home cooks who have given the recipe a try.

Granted, you have to account for a certain amount of user error on recipes  (ie. the critical distinction between kosher salt and table salt), but the tips are usually pretty helpful.  Notes on ingredients,  timing, and tweaks always come in handy.

But I had to share the most hilarious review I’ve seen to date, from a registered user on the website.  Who knew Eggplant Parmesan could induce such delirium?!

“I made food good. added 2 hershey bars at the end. I melted funny, so i laughed. Sat up on roof while i eated it. Ha. fun. Plants.”

I haven’t decided how I’m going to incorporate the “Plants.”  in eggplant parmesan, but I’m totally game.

xoxo Flyover Foodie

Friday Hot Dish- 10/15

Hope you saved room, because here’s the


1. This week was the World Food Prize, an annual celebration of those who have made contributions to end world hunger.  The event was started by Dr. Norman Borlaug, a native son born, raised, and educated in Flyover country.  He’s also a Nobel prize winner who is credited with saving more lives than anyone in history.   That’s one hell of an accomplishment.  Spend a couple minutes reading about the past recipients of the honor….it’s an inspiring group: World Food Prize Laureates

All set up for the World Food Prize

2. I don’t have children (yet.) (No, that’s not a hint.) But I  have a slew of nieces and nephews with some food “issues”.  Too be fair, I used to cry when my mom made corned beef.  And my older sister used to shun all mom’s dinners in favor of sandwiches of white bread and ham and cheese loaf. (I know. Shudder).  Check out this awesome slide show of parents succumbing to kids’ tastes.  I’m am so making that ostrich egg.  Give ‘Em What They Want

3. So other than election results, what else is happening on November 2nd?  The return of the elusive cult favorite, the McRib.  I think the Handsome Husband already has it marked on his calendar.  McRib returns And yes,  there are people who hunt the elusive McRib down, trying to locate it in its natural habitat.  I think I may be married to one of them….McRib Hunters

4. New HOT DISH feature: There is so much food literature out there.  From books on eating well to collections of personal essays on food, to behind the scenes stories from some of America’s top restaurants.  So each week, I’ll link to a new food book for you to check out.

I’ll start with one I’ve actually read.   The bestseller Heat by Bill Buford is all about Mario Batali’s rise to fame, the kitchen at famed restaurant Babbo, and learning the art of butchering.  The stories of Batali’s appetite and energy are almost exhausting to read, but the full access he gave to the author makes it an amazing story.  The butchering Check it out here: Heat

Hope I peaked your appetites looking ahead to this gorgeous fall weekend.   More next week including our FINAL 30 before 30 recipe post.

xoxo Flyover Foodie



Friday Hot Dish – 9/10

Welcome to the Friday HOT DISH!

This week is especially hot as we celebrate the start of a new food season.  That’s right everyone…its tailgate time!  Pack up the cooler and don’t forget the sauerkraut- here’s today’s HOT DISH!

1. During the lunch hour I received a text from the Handsome Husband saying he had “picked up a pack of Wisconsin Supper Club”.   It was both cryptic and very intriguing.  A little searching and I found this lovely flyover brew from Capital Brewery in Madison, Wisconsin.  If the name means anything it will pair well with your Friday Fish Fry or those brats you’re grilling on Saturday.

2. Don’t know what a supper club is?  I’m here to help.  If you live in flyover country, you’ve probably been to one without even knowing it.  Growing up, the flyover parent’s had a favorite one and yes, I remember live music and dancing there. And we’re talking foxtrotting…Real dancing.

Check out this cool article from Heavy Table about this Midwestern landmarks.  Supper Clubs Revisited.

3. Forget Eat, Pray, Love.  How about Peace, Love, Fondue?  This Saturday is Fondue Fest in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.  In addition to eating your weight in melted cheese, you can spot the world’s largest fondue pot.  Just remember, if you lose the bread off your fork, you have to kiss the person to your right.  Check out for details.

4. No offense to the rest of the world, but the World Cup’s got nothin’ on American Football season.  And football without tailgating is like Thanksgiving with a tofurkey.  There are a million tailgating websites out there including, which is hosted by its own commissioner.  But check out the tailgate recipe collection at FoodNetwork.

I would like to make tequila bars to go with the 1238930 hot dogs I will eat this season. YUM. And in case you’ve forgotten this recipe, here you go.  You’re welcome.

Enjoy all the glorious American fun as you cheer on your team this weekend.

And don’t let me catch you putting ketchup on your brat.  Heathen.

xoxo The Flyover Foodie