Hot Dish: And you thought I was joking…..

“Pray, tell me: how does your asparagus perform?” – John Adams, in a letter to wife Abagail, concerning the state of her garden.

So asparagus is serious stuff:  Serious enough for our 2nd president to write home about.  And serious enough to warrant celebration.  I first wrote about Spargel and the corresponding Spargel Parties here, when making Hollandaise sauce.  (Wow…that was a year ago!)

Our own mini SPARGELFEST!

And now to my great delight, others can also take spargel seriously.   Midwestern cornerstone of German fare, the Black Forest Inn, is in the midst of hosting Spargelfest.  Check out this fantastic article from Heavy Table about the event. Black Forest Inn Spargelfest.  Thought you would all want to know that indeed, spargel fests do exist and they exist here in flyover county.

Want to host your own spargel party? (Hint: the answer is yes) There are tons of German recipes online…including this decadent platter.  Yum.

So all in all, I feel like I am doing my small part to help bring the joy of spargel to the masses. SPARGEL PARTY!!

Hope your week is off to a seriously good start.

xoxo Flyover Foodie

p.s. As always….more soon!

2 responses to “Hot Dish: And you thought I was joking…..

  1. *snort* can you imagine asking a significant other how their asparagus grows in this day and age? Sounds rather dirty if you ask me! And Spargel parties, that’s a riot. Quite honestly, I don’t like asparagus enough to indulge in a party, but for those who do, have at it! 😉

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