Friday Hot Dish- 9/3

Welcome to the Friday HOT DISH!

This week we are quietly lamenting the unofficial end of summer: Labor Day.  Make the most of this 3 day weekend, so we’ll keep it quick with this week’s HOT DISH!  Enjoy!

1. Yes, summer is over.  Don’t try argue with me about autumn not starting until September 21st. (For you non-nerds, that’s the autumnal equinox.)  It’s officially fall.  You know how I know??  Because I can get Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks!  Pumpkin Spice Latte

2. I stumbled across this an article about an awesome food blog from here in Flyover county. “Lost Recipes Found” is hunting down and recreating vintage recipes from favorite Midwestern restaurants and cookbooks.  All the Marshall Field’s recipes are particularly bittersweet.  (You know what you did, Macys!!)  She is currently researching State Fair blue ribbon winning recipes of the past for her August issue.    I just hope she skips the Jell-O salads…..Lost Recipes Found

3. As your scarfing down the last of the summer ice cream/sorbet/drumsticks/popsicles/gelato/bomb pops you’ll no doubt encounter the temporary yet painful brain freeze.  Like all weird phenomena…there is an scientific explanation.  Brain Freeze

4. When turning 30, one can’t help but consider the physical damage caused during the poor judgment of youth:  fake tanning, high school athletics, not wearing sunscreen, and, well, all four years of college.  I feel like I can at least check one thing off the list.  This might be the best news we’ve gotten in awhile.  Drinkers Live Longer.

Now you can happily enjoy a few more beers in the sun this last week of summer!

I know.  You’re welcome.

xoxo Flyover Foodie

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