Daily Archives: August 23, 2010


“Wine….A remedy for the moroseness of old age.” – Plato

It’s officially official: I’m 30 years old.   I turned 30 this past weekend and am THRILLED to tell you that yes, the list was finished on time.   I celebrated by boiling (and boiling and boiling) our final item- lobster.  Here is what I did for the first 90 minutes of the evening:

Oven mitt on one hand, tongs in the other, we boiled and celebrated and popped champagne.  It was the end of a decade.

BUT, you say, what about the list?  Ahhh, yes.  Do not worry your hungry little heads: there are more posts to come over the next few weeks leading up to that final, lobster check mark.   So I’m hoping you’ll forgive me for the lag time between product and post.  And that the promise of going out with a bang will keep you reading for the next few weeks.  That and I’ll bribe you with photos and the mysteries of the Turducken.

I know you’ll stick around for Turducken.

UNFORESEEN BONUS:When your birthday celebration is tied to a blog about food and eating, you get some fantastic gifts.  Including:

Pasta Attachment for the Kitchenaid Mixer!

Hooray for homemade carbs!!  Thanks to the Handsome Husband for knowing the way to a girl’s heart.

The end of the 30 Before 30 List means the start of a new venture.  What will that be?  Don’t know yet…but I’m betting you’ll help me brainstorm.

But first: more kitchen ventures to check off our list.  Much more to come,

xoxo Flyover Foodie