Our first #FAIL

After eating chocolate you feel godlike, as though you can conquer enemies, lead armies, entice lovers. ~pastry chef, Emily Luchetti

When I started this adventure and built my list of 30, I tried to strike a balance between the pretty much foolproof success of a few simpler dishes and the challenge of more masterful recipes.  A girl needs a couple guaranteed wins.

I also promised myself that even if something was burned/dry/tasteless/poisonous I would post about it .  And to follow through on that promise, I present to you “Molten” Chocolate Cakes.  (quotation marks intentional)

Most of the recipes for this dessert are very similar, but I used this one because it could be cut in half easily; it was just myself and Handsome Husband eating these desserts.  I kept finding recipes called for 3 eggs and I have NO idea how to measure 1/2 an egg.

So I melted the chocolate, butter and cinnamon (I’m not a big nutmeg fan) in a double broiler.  I then added this yummy mess to the mixture of flour, sugar, eggs, and vanilla in a mixing bowl.  And into the prepped ramekins it goes.  Easy enough, right?

Batter filled, buttered ramekins. Wow, that sounds really amazing. Just wait...letdown coming shortly.

By the way, I also love my clearly un-prepped picture above.  Please note all the chocolate drips.

In to the 400° oven they go.  The recipe said 12-14 minutes, but that seemed long.  I set the timer for 8 minutes….I came back and checked….still gooey on the top.

Sidenote: This is ANOTHER recipe with instructions to cook until the “edges are dark”.  Um, the batter is CHOCOLATE.  It was dark when it went in.  Not. Helpful.

I pulled them out at 10 minutes….let them cool for a few.  Used a knife to loosen around the edges and then used an oven mitt to turn them onto plates.

By the way, we have this running joke about “loosen” vs. “unloosen” in the flyover house.  If I say I “loosened” something, Handsome Husband will, inevitable, ask “Are you sure you didn’t ‘unloosen’ it?”.  For those keeping score, the words loosen and unloosen mean the same thing.  Also, we are nerds.

Ok, they still look pretty good here....do not be deceived!

A little dollop of topping and then I delivered one decadent little plate to Handsome Husband…who was kind enough to pause Mad Men as I ran back and forth to the kitchen.  Keeper.

He cut his lovely cake open…..AND, AND…..


Nothing.  No molten stream of edible chocolate lava.  No rivers of richness.  No fountain of dessert decadence.

Yup…I overcooked ’em.  At this point they were basically like a dry cupcake.  And no one likes a dry cupcake (unless it has delicious frosting, which this dry cupcake does not).

My guess is that the remaining two desert-like cakes will suffer the same fate as many dry desserts in the flyover household: into blender with ice cream and some milk.  Dry baked goods = cake shake.

xoxo Flyover Foodie

p.s. I thought that it was cute that the last pic above had a crossword puzzle sitting on our fireplace with a pen.  Upon closer inspection…nope.  That’s my husband’s fantasy football cheat sheet.  Fan-cy!

3 responses to “Our first #FAIL

  1. Cake shake still sounds amazing!

  2. Wouldn’t “unloosen” mean to tighten? Bummer about the molten lava – any plans to remake? Say, at the lobster-fest?

    • Oddly enough, unloosen does not mean to make tighter…I know, I’m a nerd. And no, no plans to remake…they pretty much have to go straight from oven, to plate, to table, which is no fun at a party 🙂

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