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Have tiramisu. Will travel.

“Life is uncertain.  Eat dessert first.” – Ernestine Ulmer

I bet that 2/3 of the recipes on my list so far have been easier than I expected.  I thought that tiramisu would probably also be fairly easy, seeing as its on menus all over the place.

Nope…not really that easy.

I will break its deception for you, step by step.  I will accompany these numerous steps with my completely mediocre photos.  I used recipes from The Joy of Cooking both for the lady fingers as well as the espresso cream.

STEP 1: Make the batter for the lady fingers.

Lady Fingers are small, oblong, dense cookies that form the substance of the dessert.  The batter is heavy on the eggs and then you sift the flour mixture over the top, like so:

Making the batter for the Lady Fingers

STEP 2: Forming the lady fingers.

Once you have made the batter, you form the lady fingers by piping the batter onto a lined baking sheet and lightly dusting with powered sugar before baking.  This is where things get VERY TRICKY.

I’m not a pastry chef.  Its a stretch to even call myself even a home baker.  So my piping, was a little, well, erratic at best.

Not exactly lady like

The less than dainty thickness of the above cookies is a testament to the intricacies of pastry making.  In short, these look nothing like fingers.  So, from this point forward we will call them what they look like: cankles.

STEP3:Make the espresso cream for layering.

The cream is made with whipped egg whites mixed with marscapone cheese, rum, sugar, espresso and egg yolks. (um, yum).  The egg whites keep it light and the rum and espresso mixture keeps it from being overly sweet.

Whipped egg whites

Folding into the batter

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