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Friday (the 13th!) Hot Dish

And here we are already: Friday!  Grab that embarrassing personal fan, the heat index is 110°…it’s time for the Friday HOT DISH!

1. It’s officially here: The Iowa State Fair and all its deep fried, lemonade shaken, on-a-stick glory. It even earned a spot in 1,000 Things to See Before You Die! After you conquer that Octodog, make a note on your calendar, do some research on TripAdvisor, and make the pilgrimage to one of these crazy food-centric events.

Um, How did I NOT know about the Cheese Curd Festival!?!  World’s Weirdest Food Festivals

2. Are you eating your lunch?  No?  Ok.  Then you can read the rest of this story.  Apparently there was a big fuss on YouTube over a video of a chef um, licking a toad.  Sounds like a “Jackass” skit, except, oooppppss:  He was in the kitchen…of a restaurant.  (insert gagging here)  The Health Department didn’t think it was too funny.  Read the story here.  Chef in Hot Water

3. It’s sort of a running joke in flyover country that if you plant zucchini in your garden, you’ll be sick of the stuff come late summer.  I remember my mom bringing home bags of it from overwhelmed coworkers. We, sadly,  don’t have this problem as our garden has yielded plenty of tomatoes but approximately ONE squash.  Anyway….here is a list of zucchini uses to make use of a bumper crop, some are really clever.  Zucchini carpaccio anyone?  An Overabundance

4. I love trivia.  Stumbled across this Foodie Quiz archived over at the Chicago Tribune.  See how you measure up and take the quiz here.   I bet you’ll be surprised by how much you know!

Sidenote: any of you intrepid eaters ever tried sweetbreads?  They’re ALWAYS on “Iron Chef America” and I’ve been intrigued for years. Anyone?

5. On a serious note, please keep us in Flyover Country in your thoughts….and pray for a sunny end to the summer!  No More Rain

Happy Friday!

xoxo Flyover Foodie

p.s. I’ve had a few of you ask if I’m on track to finish the list.  YES- I AM ON SCHEDULE!!  While next week may be rather decadent eating in the Flyover house, I am on schedule to get through all 30 dishes!  I apologize for the lag time between cooking/posting about a dish, but it will be a busy week here next week.

On deck: Tiramisu, Red Velvet Cake, Coq au Vin, Crown Roast, and homemade pasta with Bolognese ragu.  Mmmmm….get ready for it!