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The Polenta Search or “How I learned about an Italian staple”

“She did not so much cook as assassinate food.” – Author (Margaret) Storm Jameson

DISCLAIMER: If you are an experienced Italian chef, or have traveled Italy extensively,  or (just to be safe) if you are a part Italian, it’s probably best if you do not read the following post, lest you lose all faith in me.

A Healthy Reminder

A Healthy Reminder

Last night I was writing a grocery list while standing in front of the list of 30 Before 30 list taped on our fridge.  I have fallen slightly behind, so I wanted to buy ingredients for several dishes.  One of those dishes being polenta.

I had a basic idea of what polenta was and I’ve eaten it once.  Strangely enough, I do feel like it shows up on “Molto Mario” or even “Top Chef”  more often than it shows up on the average menu in flyover country .  Hence, my knowledge is limited.  That being said,  I couldn’t  find polenta at the grocery store.  I looked in the Italian section. Nothing. Then I looked by the grains and flours.  Nothing. I even asked the assistant manager where it was, saying, “Polenta….it’s like cornmeal”.

(Some of you are now shaking your heads.  I told you!)

Not only is polenta “like cornmeal” , um, it IS cornmeal. Riiiiiight.  Teachable moment: do your research.

Polenta is made from cooking cornmeal slowly with liquid until it becomes creamy.  It is very clear from even this (questionable) source and is pretty damn obvious from a cursory glance at this basic recipe.  (Shakes head).  Seriously.  I bet even the “Jersey Shore” kids know how to make polenta.

Ok, now I’m being hard on myself.

The elusive Polenta

SO: The good news is that I already have all the ingredients, so I can make polenta without further embarrassment (I hope).

The bad news is that I didn’t even make it 6 months on this blog without a Jersey Shore reference.

xoxo The Flyover Foodie