Honorary Mention

When I was making the list of 30 I called my mom.  Naturally.  90% of the US population views their mother’s kitchen as the source of all their best meals.  And the other 10% would say their grandmother’s kitchen.

So, Mom threw a couple ideas out there: Irish Soda Bread (done that).  Lamb. (done that too).

Then my mom actually suggested roast goose to me.  And she said it just like that: “roast goose”.  Completely serious.  Do you know anyone who has roasted a goose? I don’t.  I can think of no one who has roasted a goose other than Bob Cratchit’s family.  I protested that it might be difficult to find a goose….she would have none of it.  “I’m sure your grocery store has goose.”   Oh, of course….right next to the figgy pudding.

A Christmas feast....no doubt complete with roast goose.

So “roast goose” did not make the list.  Buuuuut….if I turned 30 during the holidays, I would have had to do some serious research on procuring a goose.

I mean how awesome would it be to cry joyfully “The CHRISTMAS GOOSE!!” a la Tiny Tim on December 25th.

Pretty awesome.

2 responses to “Honorary Mention

  1. When I was young, my aunt used to keep geese in her house. She used to roast goose with soy sauce and honey, and serve it with spicy lemony sauce. I thought it was awesome, but now a day, I’ve never seen anyone else roast a goose anymore.

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