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A soft opening: applesauce

“Comfort me with apples, for I am sick of love.”  The Song of Solomon

All right everyone, (takes a deep breath) here we go!

Up first from the list of 30: applesauce.  I know…its not terribly exciting, but sometimes simple things are unexpectedly good.   Well that and you like to have a victory early on.

After reading through a handful of different recipes, I decided to go with a really simple one from The Martha Stewart Cookbook (Crown Publishing, 1995).  The recipe was simple and straightforward which seemed like the best bet for a final product that is, well, simple.

I used a mix of Braeburn and Pink Lady apples.  Pink ladies of course being the wild apples of the produce world…stealing their parents cigarettes and chasing boys.

I chose two kinds of apples as recommended by several recipes.  This is to make the sauce more balanced and complex.  I used about 5 pounds of apples total.

Pink Lady Apples...oh la la.

The apples get quartered, seeded, and then tossed in a heavy pot with 1/3 cup of water and a couple tablespoons of lemon juice.

Cover the pot so the steam keeps breaking down the apples. Then cook and cook and cook.  Make sure you stir every so often so that all the apples are being evenly cooked.

UNFORESEEN BONUS: every time you open the pot, you’ll be temporarily transported to a fall evening with a glass of hot apple cider in your hand.  The smell of cooking apples is crisp and lusciously saturated with the smell of apples.  Every time I lifted the heavy lid I found myself leaning down and breathing.  Mmmmmmm…..cider.

So after you’ve breathed in the autumn, appley goodness, and after the apples are all very soft, remove them from the heat and let cool slightly.  Now comes the fun part: you get to use a kitchen gadget!  I heart kitchen gadgets!  And I like to occasionally validate their presence by actually using them.

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