Daily Archives: May 13, 2010

Introductions Are In Order

“And nobody can be introduced in ballroom.” – Elizabeth Bennett, Pride and Prejudice

Here we are in flyover country! The vast middle of the United States. Also called  the country’s breadbasket.  Also called “God’s Country” on days we’re  feeling particularly proud and blizzard free.   And I live here, in this vast prairie- dotted with small towns, farms, and the occasional big city.  Oh, and I no longer live in the city.

And I’m a hungry girl…it is my gift and my curse.  I love to eat.  I’m good at eating….I would like a job where I get paid to eat.  I eat almost everything.  I would eat every….ok, ok, you get it.

I also love to talk about food.  I would happily tell you about dinner last night (the mushroom ragu needed more cream) or our last dinner out (excellent yellow curry). I love to grocery shop.  I have trouble with menus (so many choices!) And I’ve overeaten for charity’s sake.  A couple times.

So I’m here in flyover country cooking, eating, and learning to live in a small town where sometimes the grocery store doesn’t have dates.  Or manchego cheese.  Or cilantro…..Not that I’m dwelling.  But you can get fresh eggs, great advice, and on occasion, a table full of friends.

So the point of the blog, other than self-indulgence: food, cooking, eating, and giving in to adulthood.   Hope you enjoy the ravings about food, random cultural references, and the occasional lofty quote- a holdover from my days as an English major.  (I like to pretend I’ve still got it.)

Thanks for stopping in…there is much, much more to come.


To start out this silliness:  I’m turning 30 in August and there is a project in the works.  A tasty, gluttonous, 15 week project!  More details in short order.  xoxo